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    CORE COMPETENCETry. Formulate. Communicate. Install.

brand strategy

Communication processes, guiding principles, values and visions char­ac­ter­ize your appearance and your im­pres­sion.

Together we phrase these basics and create a homogeneous brand com­mu­ni­cation.

brand identitiy

Superficial basis for the mediation of a demand is a directed and recognizable visual appearance.

We create communicative and in­depend­ent appearances which are implemented in your company func­tionally.

room conception

Whether on international exhibitions with individual booths and system booths, or in the lobby or show-room of your company.

We perfectly create Identities for your target group which you cannot just see, taste or smell but also ex­pe­ri­ence.

interactive implementation

Websites, social networks and Google-campaigns are a fixed part in the busi­ness communication process today.

We develop and program concepts which satisfy its demand and fulfil the right inter­active channel.

  • feasibility studies / market analysis
  • brand messages / –workshops
  • communications- / strategy campaigns
  • advertising- / image campaigns
  • qualitative / quantitive surveys
  • customer loyality programs
  • trainings / (sales-) trainings
  • references
  • corporate design / guidelines
  • image photography / wordings
  • brand development / –architecture
  • logo / graphic-systems
  • business equipment
  • print / packaging / give aways
  • technical documentations
  • references
  • wireframes / click models
  • websites / microsites / landing pages
  • interactive presentations / apps
  • shop- / editing systems
  • intranet / log-in-areas
  • search optimization engine (SEO)
  • analysis / monitoring
  • references
  • exhibition booths
  • photo -/ film concepts
  • company events / events
  • exhibtions
  • interior designs / control systems
  • retail store concepts
  • external advertisement / poster campaigns
  • references

procurement of subsidies

We like to support you as an accredited strategic consulting for product-, market- and regional strategies.

Further information:

adherence to schedules

From briefing to consistent com­mu­ni­cation strategy timing is everything. For planning security on both sides we have a project plan and a schedule. By that we help you to implement our con­cepts into your ongoing com­mu­ni­cation.


The construction and maintenance of company as an employer brand is extremely important in order to employees and potential candidates to position itself as an attractive employer. Learn more about this topic.

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