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    we are looking for youCommunicative. Carefully. Social.

Our passion!

What tickles us?

Exciting projects, customer care, great possibilities, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, ideas and inspiration, enjoyment of work and of course motivated chicken ... these are parts of our driver and spurs us to give everything every day. We love communication, holistic processes and passion. We are pragmatic and personable and are always looking for new challenges.

What is your motive? Tell us what you're made, what drives you? What are your goals? We are curious and we look forward to your passions!


We are always interested. More impor­tant than your diploma is a detailed portfolio and an idea of the remit you want to handle in our com­pa­ny. If you have spe­cial com­mu­ni­cation skills it is also possible for lateral entrants to apply.

internships / final projects

We are happy to integrate you into our projects. If you are interested in our company, please send us your CV, reference examples, the period of time in which the internship should take place such as a few thoughts about your motivation and your demand.

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